Before Security Awareness Training

Business susceptible to ransomware attacks.

Phishing emails regularly clicked.

Data breaches go unnoticed.

Contracts lost due to compliance issues.

Data protection violations.

High staff churn rates.

why deliver security awareness training After cyber security training
After Security Awareness Training

Ransomware attacks avoided.

Success of phishing emails reduced.

Data breaches successfully prevented.

Invited to tender more often.

Data privacy respected.

Staff feel valued.

Why Security Awareness?

Why deliver security awareness training?

Business information is valuable! Whether it is payment data, client information, product IP, employee files or something else, there will be a buyer for it. Cyber criminals know this all too well and will look to steal all the above and more and sell to the highest bidder.

My business data is not worth anything, so why protect it?

Maybe your business data has little or no value on the face of it but think about what could happen if it got in the wrong hands. Reputation damage? Product designs in the hands of your competitors? Client exposure? When you think of the consequences it soon becomes clear your data is very valuable indeed.

Is my business required by law to protect our data?

It depends on the type of data you process and store. If you handle personal identifiable information then you are certainly obliged to comply with the data protection act, and soon the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). There are also additional regulations for other data types – seek legal advice if you are not sure.

We use the best cyber security technology to prevent attacks so why do we need to educate our employees?

It’s great that you have invested in technology but if your employees do not know how to create strong passwords, or recognise phishing attacks, or encrypt files then I am afraid your money may have been wasted. The majority of data breaches can be traced back to human error. Educate your workforce and the risk decreases by up to 70%.

Are security awareness campaigns effective?

In short…YES! Not only do they reduce the risk of a successful cyber attacks, they also provide a documented and tracked compliance check. Should your data be breached in the future that compliance record will be critical in persuading the investigators that you took all reasonable measures to prevent the attack from happening. If the business is found negligent it can result in director prosecutions.

OK, I'm convinced. Tell me more.

What is included in a security awareness campaign?

An effective campaign is made up of multiple components in order to engage your employees and create a security first culture. Typically a campaign will consist of e-learning courses, micro-lessons, animated hack stories, simulated phishing attacks, newsletters, posters and various other engagement activities.

I'm not sure a particular component will work for our employees, can we exclude it?

Every campaign is tailored for your business to achieve maximum impact. We will talk through the requirements with you and suggest a programme of deliverables.

Can the materials be custom developed for our business?

Absolutely! It might be simple branding across the products or it might be a completely custom developed learning environment. Whatever the level of customisation you choose, we can deliver it.

We don't have our own learning management system, is that a problem?

You do require an LMS to deliver and track the e-learning but don’t worry, we have our own in-house LMS system which we can set you up on and use to deliver the content to your employees.

I want to go ahead...what's next?

What is the process for delivery?

First of all we need to meet and discuss the requirements. We will then put together a campaign plan and provide costs for delivery. Once approved by you we can start the development and delivery phase. We take on all the workload to relieve the burden on you.

How soon can you start delivery?

It depends on the components for delivery but we can usually deliver the first components of a campaign within a week of receiving a signed purchase order.

How much will it cost?

There are many factors that determine the costs and therefore it is difficult to put a price on a campaign before we have discussed with you. We aim to provide a proposal, including costs, within 2 days of discussing requirements with you.

Where do I sign?

Get in touch and let’s discuss this further!

Why deliver security awareness training?

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