Your business, your employees, your products, your services, your data! It’s all unique.

That is why at Yellow Room Learning we take the time to discuss your requirements so we can suggest a security awareness campaign that will be effective across the whole of your business and drives a cultural change in the way that information and data security is managed.

A customised information security training programme will align with your internal policies and procedures so that your employees receive accurate information that reflects your business. Not only does this make the information meaningful it also helps to build trust with your employees, and as such the awareness training becomes more effective.

All of our campaigns are made up of different components designed to facilitate learning

It is obvious to us that in order for somebody to learn something it has to grab their attention and be engaging. Simply delivering e-books or powerpoint training is no longer an option.

This is why we developed….

Interactive e-Learning

  • Games
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • Infographics


  • Bite sized lessons
  • Variety of multi-media
  • Self-paced or timed delivery
  • Easy to consume

Simulated Phishing

  • Custom HTML emails
  • Immersive
  • Educational
  • Effective

Other components

  • Animated hack stories
  • Security newsletters
  • Augmented reality posters
  • …and more





Our security awareness campaigns take into consideration your brand, your vision and your messaging so we can deliver a programme that seamlessly integrates into your business. If appropriate we will work on a campaign identity which reflects your organisation. we have seen greater engagement and positive results whenever this has been put in place.


We suggest campaign components that we believe will have the greatest impact. There is little point providing a suite of learning materials if nobody has the time or the facilities to view them. Therefore we recommend products suited to your employees, and their environment, so that the likelihood of uptake is increased.


Whilst we recommend the components of a campaign, based on what we know works, we understand that this is your security awareness campaign and you know your business better than anybody else. Our approach is to partner, not merely to supply, so we prefer to work collaboratively to ensure we set the campaign on the right road.

Don’t fancy a fully customised security awareness campaign?

Maybe your budget is limited, or you wish to deploy a programme immediately, or you want to test the water before investing further.

Whatever the reasons, we can draw on our impressive library of unbranded learning material. Same content, same quality, same results.

Awareness training doesn’t have to be fully customised or built from scratch to be effective. As long as the content is accurate and interesting an off the shelf programme can be just as effective.

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Why deliver security awareness training?


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