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As one of the leading providers of information security awareness training we recognise that learning content needs to be appealing to everybody if the key messages are to filter through to all corners of the workforce. With this in mind we set about developing our innovative TRIMOD series.

What does TRIMOD mean?

TRIMOD simply means three different styles of education.

Why are different styles of education needed?

No three people are the same! Whilst some thrive on the structure of a formal course, others like to consume content in different ways. Some like reading, some like video, some like infographics, some like to test themselves, some have time, some don’t! Whatever people’s preference, or constraints, TRIMOD will engage, inspire, and most importantly provide effective information security awareness training.

What does a TRIMOD consist of?

We have taken each topic and transformed it into 3 different learning experiences. Your employees can choose to consume any or all Mods of a certain topic. The different styles are called:

  • Mini-Mod
  • Q-Mod
  • Micro-Mod

What is a Mini-Mod?

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, this Mod is interactive, learner led and includes an overview of the threat, an example by means of an animated scenario, an interactive activity and a full section about how to protect yourself from that threat.

The Mini-Mod is ideal for people who want that little bit of extra detail and prefer a more structured approach.

What is a Q-Mod?

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, this Mod is based on an informative quiz. 10 questions are asked to test the learner’s existing knowledge whilst delivering additional hints, tips and best practices to improve upon that knowledge.

The Q-Mod is great for people who enjoy the challenge of a quiz and those who favour something a little less formal.

What is a Micro-Mod?

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, this Mod is delivered in several 1 to 2 minute micro-lessons which may be infographics, videos, audio clips, quizzes and games.

The Micro-Mod is enjoyed by people who like to consume content on the move, or who do not have time to focus on learning for any length of time.

Do they all achieve the same result?

Yes. At the design phase of each set of Mods we create the learning objectives, for example “the learner shall recognise the basic rules for creating a strong password”.

Each Mod will contain at least 1, if not more, pieces of learning content that addresses that specific learning objective, meaning the key messages are being delivered regardless of which Mod has been chosen.

Can the learner do all 3?

Of course, in fact we encourage it. A key ingredient of effective learning is repetition and whilst the actual content is different across the Mods, the messages and learning objectives are the same and will be reinforced if all 3 were completed.

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