“The Rank Group has contracted with Yellow Room Learning to deliver a multi-year security awareness program based on the innovation they are bringing to the industry and successful previous experiences of working with them. We are currently in the development phase and already we can see the decision to work with them was the right one as high quality, custom built products are being developed in the lead up to the launch.”

Head of Information SecurityThe Rank Group

“Yellow Room Learning has provided us with a fantastic platform for our staff to learn more about cyber security. Having fully customised modules that fit our organisation perfectly made going with Yellow Room Learning an easy choice over others.”

James GarawayThe National Physical Laboratory

“One of the things that really stood out was the willingness to learn about our company so the finished product was an extension of our brand and values. As a result of that, the security awareness programme has been embraced across the business and we have already seen a change of behaviour in the way information and data is handled.”

Head of IT SecurityGAME Digital

“Coming from a technical background we already had basic knowledge of cybercrime and how to protect our data, however, Yellow Room Learning managed to deliver new content in interesting ways and we are now able to demonstrate compliance in areas of information security when bidding for large contracts.”

CEO & FounderInto3d

Ben Hancock

Managing Director – Yellow Room Learning

In 2014 a family member was the victim of cyber crime. She was one of the many people who have been tricked into clicking a rogue link in an email and the result of this changed her life, and in fact mine. Being the ‘technical’ one in the family I took it upon myself to help fix the problem and and went about sourcing solutions for password management and teaching her to use two step authentication, security patching her machine and all of the other basic, but essential, actions that help to keep your data secure. I like to think by doing all of this we limited the impact of her breach and we have certainly reduced the chances of it happening again.

Whilst going through this process with her I personally learnt a great deal about cyber security and I also learnt that these attacks are so prevalent and successful that the problem is unlikely to go away. With this in mind I decided to at least try to make a difference and Yellow Room Learning emerged from the spare bedroom and grew into a fully functional business.

The journey to this point has been exciting, daunting, sometimes demoralising, but mostly rewarding. We have developed, redeveloped and then developed again. We have done a lot of listening. We have done a lot of educating. We have worked with some great brands and interesting businesses and we are excited to see what the future brings.

We welcome the opportunity to speak to you about your business and share with you how we believe we can reach all of your employees with effective and correct security education delivered through a customised security awareness program.


“Our vision is to make your business resilient to cyber crime by giving your employees the knowledge and tools they need to defend against attack. Information security depends on your workforce so make sure they are fully equipped.”

Ben Hancock
Founder - Yellow Room Learning Ltd


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We are a design and development agency with a passion for blending information security and education to deliver an effective security awareness program that helps businesses avoid becoming the next big data breach story.


All of our learning materials, including e-learning, videos, phishing attacks and communications are designed in-house with your business in mind.


Awareness campaigns can be fully managed by us or we can simply provide you with the tools to deliver it yourself.


Following consultation we can develop an information security awareness program that will have maximum impact on your employees.


We have experience delivering campaigns to organisations of all shapes and sizes and we are here to support you.

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